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Awards Presentation Ceremony

Over 200 guests, awardees, parents and teachers attended the  Language Out Loud Awards Ceremony, held on 12th January 2019 at the Movie Town in Shatin. 
The Language Out Loud Competition entries have showcased students’ creativity and the best use of language and language arts, with entries from all over Hong Kong and the Mainland. The awardees were invited to attend the ceremony to receive their awards and appreciate the film “At Eternity’s Gate”.  
Enjoy the photo highlights.

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Message from adjudicator - Prof. Doris Sommer

Message from adjudicator - Therese Condit

Message from adjudicatorTherese Condit


🏆 Coppa Volpi for Best Actor in VENICE FILM FESTIVAL

🏆 OSCAR Nomination for Best Actor in a Leading Role

🏆 GOLDEN GLOBE Nomination for Best Actor in Motion Picture - Drama -

Appreciation of AT ETERNITY'S GATE

"AT ETERNITY'S GATE focuses on the inner world of painter Van Gogh and observes the natural scenery through his point of view, and also reflects the psychological imbalance of his interpersonal relationship. The director makes use of subjective and hand-held camera movement and colors to externalize his inner vision. For example, the hues of yellow and blue commonly used in Van Gogh's paintings are reflected in the colors of the film images, highlighting Van Gogh's vision and motif. There are also chapters in the movie about his relationship with another painter Gauguin and his different views and orientations on the form of painting - a departure from other films about Van Gogh."

金像提名攝影師鍾有添 以鏡頭透視梵高

黃與藍的世界 《梵高.永恆之門》色彩絕技

Extract of original dialogues (English)

Beneath skies that sometimes dazzle
like faceted sapphires or turquoises,
beneath the incessant and formidable streaming
of every conceivable effect of light.
In heavy, flaming, burning atmospheres,
there is the disquieting and disturbing display of strange nature
that is at once entirely realistic and yet almost supernatural.
An often excessive nature where everything,
beings and things, shadows and lights, forms and colors,
rears and rises up with a raging will
to howl its own essential song
in the most intense and fiercely high-pitched timbre.
It is matter and all of nature, frenetically contorted.
It is form becoming nightmare, color becoming flames,
light turning into conflagration,
life into burning fever.
Such is the impression left upon the retina
when it first views the strange, intense and feverish work of Vincent Van Gogh.
How far are we, are we not, from the beautiful, great tradition of art?
Never has there been a painter whose art appeals so directly to the senses,
from the indefinable aroma of his sincerity to flesh
and the matter of his paint.
This robust and true artist, Vincent Van Gogh,
towers above the rest.
Put water on him!
You are the painter?

Our students’ translation 

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School Group Booking

If your school is interested to watch the film “At Eternity’s Gate” and would like to arrange school group booking, please fill in the form here or contact Vivian Hon at 2787 8742. 

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